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At 180DC

Are you looking for opportunities to sharpen your problem solving and team-building skills? Do you want to contribute to the community, utilizing your academic knowledge? Are you looking for business projects from real clients to boost your resume during consulting recruiting? We’ve got a spot for you.

Our Fall 2023 Consultant Applications are now closed. Our next round of applications for the spring semester will be available in January 2024.

At 180DC



At 180DC Rice, we work with most clients for the long term. On one hand, this requires the teams to work responsibly and propose tangible recommendations. The real-world consulting experience could be challenging, but more importantly this pressure pushes the students to develop the skill sets needed for a consulting position in their career after graduation. On the other hand, it provides the students the opportunity to witness the effect of their proposal over time. Follow up on the project outcomes allows the students to self-evaluate the recommendation and analysis in real settings. 

Looking For

Passionate Social Impact Drivers

Coming from diverse personal backgrounds and academic studies, all our consultants bear the same goal to generate tangible social impacts, with each report we compose, each slide we make.

Curious & Creative Innovators

As we take projects from NPO’s and NGO’s in all industries, we need consultants that are excited to dive into new topics and create innovative recommendations leveraging their unique skills.

Dedicated & Motivated Thinkers

Many of our projects require delicate dissection of problems, and rigorous data collection and analysis. We want thinkers who take pride in their work and challenge themselves during the project. 

Collaborative Team Players

Consultants are required to engage in teamwork every day. Good communication and collaboration skills are essential for the best quality of our work.

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