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Our Services

Best, and Pro-Bono

With the bright talents on our team, we hold the highest standards for quality and professionalism in our service. We are specialized in the six domains below but we understand the complexity of the situations sometimes -  all our projects are highly customizable to your specific needs.

Our Services

Impact Measurements

Identify and evaluate key performance indicators and track organizational impact over time

Operation Optimization

Examine and improve organizational structure, HR management, financial planning, etc.

Website Design

Customize/improve websites to attract donors, clients, and partners.

Market Research

Conduct extensive market research to locate sectors’ challenges and opportunities

Marketing Tactics

Create and implement forward-thinking marketing strategies that showcase organizational culture and impact

Growth Strategy

Tailor go-to-market strategies/plot organizational expansion scheme to help you reach further

Strategic Partnerships

Identify potential synergy and cooperation opportunities between like-minded clients to allocate resources efficiently

Project Structure

project journey.png

Expected Deliverables


A 30-60 min presentation that summarizes the project including all key topics such as recommendations, reasoning, significance, implementations, long-term plans, etc. It also includes a Q&A session where the team can address the client’s specific questions.


A report on the research conducted during the project, extended in full detail. It provides full guidance and reasoning for the client’s actions to ensure the desired outcome. It contains components including executive summary, dissection of the problem, review of data and background research, discussion of analysis results, recommendation, implementation concerns, and documentation of references, etc.


Depending on the project or by the client’s request, there could be more documents/products delivered. Examples include but are not limited to dashboards, model posts, surveys, separate reports, etc.

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