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180 Degrees Consulting (180DC) is the world’s largest pro-bono, university-based consultancy. We provide affordable consulting services to the social sector and develop the next generation of social impact leaders.
Engaging with numerous NPO, NGO, social enterprises, and corporate social responsibility divisions, we strive to build a better world.
180 Degrees Consulting Rice University Branch started in 2019. Leveraging our team’s diverse backgrounds and unique career aspirations, we aim to develop innovative, practical, and sustainable solutions for our clients. 
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It is my pleasure to welcome you to 180 DC at Rice University. Houston is the 4th largest city in the United States and has over 600 non-profit organizations. 180DC at Rice University is uniquely positioned to create a positive social impact in our community. Our goal is twofold, the first is to provide students at Rice University an opportunity to work with non-profit organizations in the community, and secondly, to offer an opportunity to gain valuable experience as consultants that will be useful for launching a career in consulting. 180DC at Rice University believes in utilizing the unique diversity on the campus of Rice University.  We are the only consulting club on campus to have both undergraduate and graduate students participating as consultants on projects, allowing us to gain unique backgrounds that support our aim of providing quality solutions for our clients.

I have had the privilege and honor of working with non-profit organizations for many years and have really enjoyed the process and experience. While I am working towards my MBA at Rice and acquiring valuable knowledge from a world-class institution, 180DC has afforded me the opportunity to continue my journey working with non-profit organizations and applying my business knowledge to a worthy cause.

So, if you are a student looking to join an organization with a purposeful mission or a client seeking a unique solution to your problem then 180DC at Rice University is the right place for you.

Lastly, I want to thank all who have supported us in the past and those that continue to support us today. We are better today because of your efforts.

Jimmy Theoc

President 2020-2021

Upcoming Events

180 Degrees Social Impact Seminar Series: Holly Lang

Mar 3, 2021

6:00 PM

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Holly Lang is a Senior Consultant at Dini Spheris and an instructor at Rice University - Glasscock School of Continuing Studies.

Come learn more about how Holly is making a lasting impact on the nonprofit sector!

Owls in Consulting: Panel Discussion with Rice Alumni from Accenture, Bain, and Deloitte

Mar 10, 2021

06:00 PM

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Learn more about the consulting industry from Rice alumni as they share their experiences in a virtual panel discussion, followed by an open Q&A forum.

180DC Case Competition Sign up


March 10, 2021

11:59 PM

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Join us for our first annual consulting competition at Rice University! Please see the document here for more details.