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Rice University, Houston

Empower your impact

with unconventional wisdom

180 Degrees Consulting (180DC) is the world’s largest pro-bono, university-based consultancy. We provide affordable consulting services to the social sector and develop the next generation of social impact leaders.
Engaging with numerous NPO, NGO, social enterprises, and corporate social responsibility divisions, we strive to build a better world.
180 Degrees Consulting Rice University Branch started in 2019. Leveraging our team’s diverse backgrounds and unique career aspirations, we aim to develop innovative, practical, and sustainable solutions for our clients. 


Welcome to 180DC at Rice University! We are a consulting club that aims to create a positive social impact in our community. As students of Rice University, our goal is to gain consulting experience and insight though helping non-profits and giving back to the greater Houston community.

Rice's diverse and committed student body allows 180DC to build a team of dedicated student consultants looking to deliver high quality solutions to our clients. Through this pro-bono work, 180DC Rice hopes to bring positive change in Houston by serving a variety of non-profits and charities in the city. 

180DC Rice is aiming to reach both students with a passion for consulting and social progress, as well as non-profit clients looking for quality consulting solutions. 

Thank you to all clients, faculty, and club members that support 180DC's mission and have allowed the club to prosper. We hope to continue making a difference, and would appreciate working with anyone empowered by our mission. 

Guangshun Chen

President 2021-Present

Upcoming Events

Virtual Information Session

Date TBD

RSVP  Zoom

This 2023 Virtual Information session will provide prospective consultants an opportunity to learn more about 180DC and the application process. Updates regarding the date and time will be shared on our website, instagram, and in our newsletter within the following weeks. 

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